First published by Spanner Editions in 1983, Ideas on the culture dreamed of provides a glossary for the work Defamiliarising_____* and develops the list of jazz dances used as titles in Gravity as a consequence of shape. The book is composed of alphabetised entries on issues of perception, memory and the vocabularies of physics, many of which were included in the initial chapbook publications of Gravity…. Pulling together broad-ranging research in bitesized definitions of the project’s key terms, such as collage, chreod, acuity, plasma, quasars, red shift and singularity, the text complements and enhances the reading of Gravity as a consequence of shape, as well as Defamiliarising____* and other works underway when that project was initiated.

Ideas on the culture dreamed of

by Fisher, Allen

Publisher:, 2016

Edition: Softcover

Size: 17,5 cm x 11 cm

Language: English

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