Fadlabi – The Air at Night

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The Air at Night


Edited and produced by Kunsthall Oslo, designed by Lukas Lehner.

Published by the Munch Museum

ISBN 978-82-93560-51-7

The exhibition About the Artist (The Air At Night) by Fadlabi (29th March–2nd June 2019) was commissioned by Munchmuseet on the Move-Kunsthall Oslo and produced by Kunsthall Oslo at Dronning Eufemias gate 34, Oslo. Fadlabi studied art in Khartoum, where he grew up, and in Oslo, where he has lived for over a decade. He has exhibited at the National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design and at the Sharjah Biennial, among many other places. He runs

Khartoum Contemporary Art Center in Oslo together with Karin Erixon.

The programme for Munchmuseet on the Move-Kunsthall Oslo was a response to the Stenersen collection, many hundreds of paintings, prints and drawings, including four hundred works by Munch, given to the City of Oslo by the Norwegian art collector Rolf Stenersen in 1936. Stenersen was himself a modernist poet, and also wrote a biography of Munch; under Munch’s guidance he supported young, progressive artists, primarily painters.