These Are Situationist Times

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“I’m proud you call us gangsters, nevertheless you are wrong. We are worse, we are situationists.” — Jacqueline de Jong, 1962

The Situationist Times was a magazine edited and published by the Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong during the years 1962–67. In its multilingual,
transdisciplinary, and cross-cultural exuberance, it became one of the most exciting and playful magazines of the 1960s. Throughout its six remarkably diverse issues, The Situationist Times challenges the notion of what it means to be a situationist, as well as traditional understandings of culture in the broader sense and of how culture is created, formatted, and shared. These Are Situationist Times! provides an in-depth history of the magazine while probing its contemporary relevance. The book also presents the material De Jong assembled in the early 1970s in collaboration with Hans Brinkman for a never realized seventh issue of The Situationist Times, devoted to the game of pinball.

Lavishly illustrated and brimming with previously unseen archival material, These Are Situationist Times! presents new and compelling perspectives on situationism, experimental publishing, and artist-run magazines.

Commissioned contributions by
Éric Alliez, Ruth Baumeister, Christophe Bourseiller, Larry D. Busbea, Eric C. H. de Bruyn, Matthew Fuller, Rodolphe Gasché, Dennis Göttel, Institute for Computational Vandalism, Jakob Jakobsen, Karen Kurczynski, João Pedro Leão, İz Öztat, Juliette Pollet, Ellef Prestsæter, Margriet Schavemaker, Sean Snyder, McKenzie Wark

Historical texts by
Roland Barthes, Hans Brinkman, Max Bucaille, Friedrich Wolfram Heubach, Jacqueline de Jong, Asger Jorn, Friedrich Kittler, Joost Mathijsen, Piero Simondo, Gianni-Emilio Simonetti, Alexander Trocchi, Paolo Virno, Bernd Jürgen Warneken

Edited by Ellef Prestsæter
Produced by Elin Maria Olaussen
and Karen Christine Tandberg
Digital interface by the Institute for Computational Vandalism
Design by Anna Prestsæter
and Malin Kleiva
Photography by Øivind Möller Bakken
Translations from the French by James Horton,Robin Mackay, Ellef Prestsæter,
and Peter Shield
Translations from the German by Michael Wutz
Translations from the Italian by Simon Chapman and Denise Contini
Translations from the Dutch by Patrick Lennon
Copyediting: Jaclyn Arndt
Proofreading: Megan Low
Repro: John Nelander
Print: Livonia Print
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough
Edition: 1500
ISBN: 978-82-93104-25-4
Published by Torpedo Press 2019
[email protected]

All deformation, reproduction, modification, derivation and transformation of the Situationist
Times is permitted. This extends to the texts written for this book.

Developed in collaboration with Malmö Konsthall and Museum Jorn

Supported by Nordic Culture Point, Arts Council Norway, the Mondriaan Fund, and the Nordic Culture Fund.