WASTED YEARS – Sad, sexy, and artist-run

Edited by Sorbus
Language: English; 192 pages
Published by Khaos Publishing

Wasted Years – Sad, sexy, and artist-run is a printed publication edited by the artist-run space Sorbus, published in August 2020. From the perspective of the small northern art space, it opens up a view of art, artist work, and self-organised artist-run initiatives in the 2010s, and outlines ways to approach exhibiting art in the future. The publication includes texts from a number of artists and writers, and will be published by Khaos Publishing.

Sorbus gallery was an art space operating in Helsinki from 2013 to 2019. It was run by six artists who wanted to fight against their own paralysis, create conditions for the kind of doing they felt was lacking in their environment, generate concrete experiences of alternative approaches for themselves and other artists, and thus put activism into practice in the art field.

But when you’re trying to fuck the system, you just might end up making love to it…

During the extensive artistic project, the ripe vapours of Sorbus wafted far beyond the gallery walls, and the working group got the opportunity to collaborate with some 300 artist colleagues and others involved in art in different ways. Whatever Sorbus is has evolved from these encounters. Accordingly, the Wasted Years publication is also made up of many voices: it includes 16 contributions from writers, artists, friends and acquaintances—people who, in one way or another, have influenced Sorbus. In addition, the publication includes excerpts from email interviews with artists; photographs of exhibitions and events; as well as other dank archive material.


Wasted Years includes commissioned texts by:

Pauliina Haasjoki, Lukas Malte Hoffmann & Susan Kooi, Juho Hänninen, Vappu Jalonen, Veera Jussila, Steph Kretowicz, Kim (Kaino) Modig, Eva Neklyaeva, Jyrki Nissinen, nynnyt, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Mikko Piispa, Cory John Scozzari, Sini Silveri, Megan Snowe, and Mervi Vuorela

The publication has been supported by Frame Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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